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This is how we are making a difference

Urban Hope’s Pandemic Response

In March of 2020 we partnered with Samaritans Purse to help build a  COVID-19 field hospital in the middle of Central Park and distribute two tractor trailer loads of relief supplies. We added to the blessing two more truck loads of our Gospel resources!

Through our network of churches in the five boroughs, critical care and the hope of Christ was provided to thousands of families in the highest need communities of NYC. This began an eight month stretch of well over 30 large outreach festivals and several 5 borough distribution campaigns which  supplied over 200 churches and ministries with practical, critical  and 
inspirational resources. On Staten Island we mobilized a
large outreach team which focused on the most vulnerable communities in our borough.

We coordinated weekly festivals with food, hygiene, vital  resources, free COVID-19 testing, flu shots and the distribution of  countless inspirational books for all ages. God transformed the  most troubled neighborhoods in our city into holy sanctuaries filled  with worship, love, prayer and GOOD NEWS of GREAT JOY!

We also facilitated 8 months of food delivery for locked in seniors  at two Public Housing Senior Centers. launched a virtual tutoring  program for struggling Public School students, began community  healing “Agape Meals” - to serve and assist our neighbors and families in  the midst of the health, food and educational crisis.


NYC has been reeling from the unrelenting distress and sorrow  of 2020. For the past 30 years our mission and theme song has  been to build “a house of hope in a world of pain.” Never have our communities needed the protection of the house of the Lord more. Behind the pandemic, the protests and the political vitriol are countless struggling and frightened children and families.

As the epicenter of many devastating medical and sociological storms, NYC suffered immensely. As is always the case, the poor experienced the greatest loss of life, employment, education and hope.  

2020 Review

Communities across New York City (Staten Island, Bronx, Manhatten, Queens and Brooklyn) received FREE meals, essential household items and tens of thousands of Christian resources of HOPE!


As a result of YOUR prayer, volunteerism and support, Urban Hope provided:




face masks


baby and children's outfits




baby wipes


hygiene kits




winter jackets


boxes of Hope


beautiful and comforting children's books, coloring booksm inspirational Max Lucado and Lee Strobel books


Thanksgiving meals


Christmas gifts

  • Truckloads of hygiene supplies

  • Encouraging booklets

  • and much more…

Our goal is to build cities where there are: “no sheep without a shepherd.”

Throughout this heart wrenching year, God built a beautiful team of co-laborers in each of these sectors. We served side by side with leaders and friends from local churches, our “adopted” schools and NYCHA communities (NYC Housing Authority). It was an extraordinary season of community collaboration. A great deal of our relief and rescue efforts centered around our Public Housing Communities and the elementary schools near them. The greatest need in any city will be found at the intersection of these two overwhelmed institutions.

We found the imagery of Kevlar to be inspiring. Kevlar is called the thread that stops bullets, but it can only do so when it is woven together tightly and layered repeatedly. As the world seemed to unravel, we quickly began weaving together pastors, principals, public housing leaders, neighborhood stakeholders, medical professionals, nonprofits and community police officers to create a bulletproof  sanctuary for neighborhoods that were experiencing devastating and deadly storms.

We were reminded of the fact that the only time in the ancient world when Roman royalty, Jews, Greeks and slaves gathered to share a meal was at the Lord’s Supper - The Agape Meal. We felt led to facilitate several Agape meals and Community Prayer Breakfasts.


Our motto is: “Breaking Bread to Break Down Walls.” 


Hundreds have been attending these events to enjoy a wonderful meal, receive helpful resources and hear inspiring worship music.


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