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 Change Lives Through Literacy


Our Vision: To Eradicate the illiteracy epidemic in NYC and the Biblical illiteracy that plagues the next generation.

Urban Hope Literacy Collective

We find it unbearable that a child's fate could be decided in 2nd grade. The statistics are clear and tragic. If a child is not reading at grade level by 3rd grade, it is extremely difficult to escape the trajectory towards criminality and/or poverty. 85% of the juvenile offenders of our city are illiterate. Literacy mentoring from K-2nd grade can stop this downward spiral.

We choose to take a stand against

the illiteracy epidemic. 

Children Reading the Holy Bible

As a virtual tutor volunteer, you will be assisting the kids of NYC, Staten Island, with their education requirements. We will build your tutoring schedule around your FREE time and we have a robust support team for you, you will never feel alone or unprepared to give your best to your child.

If you desire to help our kids who are struggling with their education, you are QUALIFIED to be a virtual tutor.

Become a Virtual Tutor TODAY - we need YOU.


We are Changing Lives

We have over 60 volunteers from 21 churches that serve (K) Kindergarten through to 2nd graders in four of the most under-resourced schools in Staten Island. 


Students who engaged in our literacy initiative have advanced an average of 3.4 reading levels and are all reading at grade level! 

What our kids, volunteers, and
teachers are saying

Outdoor Class

Josiah, 2nd Grade,

P.S. 18

It's always fun! I learn something new every time I read with my volunteer

Smiling Grandma

Jayne, P.S. 18

My student looks forward to our time together and his reading level and comprehension have greatly improved. It's a joy for me to participate in helping enrich these children's lives.

Andres, 2nd Grade,

P.S. 18

The Volunteers help me become a better reader. They make me sound out new words.

Skyline New York