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This is how we are making a difference


Pastor David Beidel


About Pastor David Beidel

Pastor David Beidel is married to his High School sweetheart, Rebecca.  Together they raised four beautiful children and planted a church in one of the most violent and under-served regions of NYC.  After thirty years of ministry, they continue to lift up Jesus and represent His burning heart for the broken-hearted and oppressed.

David is the author of two books, co-producer of three worship albums, founder of Saturate NYC, creator of the, and co-founder of Jesus Week,  His prayer is that he would live up to his namesake and be known as "a man after God's own heart."

Pastor David's Mothers Testimony

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Pastors David Mom is truly inspiring. Born in South Korea with polo. Because of their culture, she was victimized and ostracized by her family. When North Korea invaded South Korea in the 1950s, her family left her to die at the hands of the communists. She was only a young woman at a time.  She waited for a few days in their family home, knowing that death was fast approaching. She realized then that the only way she could survive was to cross the Hangang Bridge. She left in the middle of the night, hobbled secretly through the streets, desperate not to get caught. 

When she arrived at the bridge, it was on fire, she fell on her back and cried out to God to end her wretched life. Her family did not want her, death was inevitable. She cried to God expressing her anger and grief but her prayer did not end there.  She finished her prayer with these words. 

"If you can use a wretch like me, I will give my life completely to You, to be used in any way you see fit".

At that moment, she felt two hands push her from the ground to her feet, she looked behind her and saw no one. She realized God heard her prayer.

Read her book and know God cares about you too...


Our Mission

No sheep without a shepherd

Imagine for a second that every person in NYC is connected to a church family that prays and cares for them. 

In recent years suicide has increased by over 70% in the USA. Loneliness is one of the primary reasons. That is heartbreaking. Most of those beautiful souls believed no one cared whether they lived or died. We can end the epidemic of loneliness by adopting our neighborhoods.

We are actively mobilizing 2000 churches to adopt 1-2000 homes surrounding them; so that there would be "no sheep without a shepherd, in our city of 10 million and "the Lamb for sinner's slain might receive the reward for His suffering."



Urban Hope Board


Richard Orlando

Rolando Remedios

Kathleen Barrett-Layne

Chad McVann

Robert Reha

Yolanda Aviles

Zachary Mitschrich

Michael Avaltroni

Cheryl Cancela

David Beidel

Hoops Board


Oliver Perry

Alberta Cancela

Twanna Lachelle

Leonard Palmer

Larry Thornton

Kevin Edwards

Coach King

Ann Walker

Maria Fields

Chad McVann

David Beidel

Literacy Board


Jennifer Boyd

Jarene Pagliarulo

Carol Brown

Nancy Rogina

Chad McVann

Lorrie Brown

Nina Long

Lynette Cartagena

David Beidel

Judy O'Donnell

Valerie Ambrister

Rosalind Diaz


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