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HOPEKIDZ Afterschool Clubs

We are excited about this Christian faith-based program that will focus on building, in our children, a Love for Jesus, a strong character of integrity, humility, gentleness, kindness, and hope. We believe that these are some of the main attributes that our children will need to be successful in today’s stressful times.

HOPEKIDZ is in several of our North Shore schools. HOPEKIDZ uses Christian Curricula to teach our children fundamentals about God, Salvation through Jesus alone, and the concepts of prayer. It is about discipling children.

Our Children Experience:

  • Exciting Bible Stories

  • Praise & Worship

  • Literacy Enhancement

  • Friendly Game Competition

  • Afternoon Snacks 

  • Lots of Fun!!


Though we require our volunteers to have a fruitful relationship with Jesus, you will require very little, if any, training. During our literacy component, the Prayer Covenant, is where we will need the most assistance. This is where you will help children with reading as well as teaching them the vital tool of prayer. The time of this program will be immediately after school 3:00-4:30 (some schools may start a little earlier). Although the program is from October- June, once a week, per school, volunteers are welcome to participate any length of time that they can. 



Word and Prayer

Children Praying

This is a great place to tell our kids how to pray and learn about why God loves them so much. We have partnered with the Children's Prayer Covenant and Scripture Union to bring a dynamic lesson about Gods love and word to the next generation of leaders.

A Bite to EAT

Fresh Pizzas

A lot of our kids are hungry and need a bite to eat. We provide a FREE meal for our kids at all of our gatherings. It's tough to learn when you are Hungry. 


Kids Gardening

Teaching our kids where food comes from and how it grows is critical to helping them understand principles of planting, nurturing, harvesting and the importance of good nutrition! 

These are all vital leadership principles! We also teach the importance of teamwork, effective communication and how with a little bit of hard work and love, they can grow their own fruits and vegetables.

Arts and Crafts

Kids' Paintings

Our kids love to express their creativity! We always strive to create an environment that nurtures a love for art and self expression. Arts and crafts is often their favorite time of day.   


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