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Mac Pier 

Our Nation and our culture need another radical Spritaul Aswakengh - an awakening that goes through the streets of Samaria, Dave Beidel has given us a gift to reflect and to act upon. It could be the most transformative opportunity of our lifetime.

Pastor Dave Watson

Pastor Dave Beidel Challenges us to consider fully carrying out the Great Commission by starting just across the tracks. Drawing from a heart of conviction and over 30 years in urban ministry

Pastor Dimas Salaberrios

Saturate.NYC has one of the greatest prayer and action strategies I have witnessed. Pastor David Beidel has a great plan for cities around the country to implement

Pastor Tim Mclntyre

Saturate.NYC is more than a good idea, it is truly a desire of many of our pastors ans leaders in Staten Island. Pastor David Beidel's passion to see the Church united for Gospel and Kingdom saturation is expressed in hi s ife and leadership

Dr Glenn Barth

Pastor David Beidel teaches us how to pastor our City.

Lt. Stephen Mayes

Under Dave's leadership the churches of Staten Island have united to form a beautifully connected church.

Jeremy Del Rio

Pastor David Beidel gets it. We become answers to Jesus prayer, and the prayers of others.

Eric Swanson

Where life is most raw, the church must be the most real. In times of need and crisis there is no time to 'play Church' . Pastor David Beidel shows us what the Church  at its best can be.

Dr. Fernando Cabrera

Pastor David Beidel presents an effective and enduring plan to reach our communities.

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